World Famous Wine Brand Enters NFT Market

New Zealand winemaker Invivo Wines enters the NFT market with Graham Norton and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Combining the smoothest of both the digital and real worlds, Graham Norton Wines and Sarah Jessica Parker’s award-winning Invivo wine bottle will be released as NFT.

The individual who purchases Graham Norton’s HE-DEVIL NFTs will be given a physical print of the NFT works signed by the Invivo Co-Founders and a membership of the Invivo Friends Federation (IFF).

IFF Membership will be awarded to those who purchase Invivo NFT. It will allow private virtual wine tastings to unlock discounts and exclusive experiences on Invivo works.

10 HE-DEVIL tokens are currently available for sale on Opensea at an opening price of 0.06 ETH and the auction will run for 14 days.

Proceeds from one of the NFT editions will be donated to charity. In addition, the purchaser of NFT will be entitled to experience tastings in a tangential form with a surprise live broadcast with Graham Norton.

The second NFT collection will be released shortly. Sarah Jessica Parker’s award-winning Invivo wine bottle will feature digital illustrations of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Provence.

It has wine partnerships with Invivo shareholders Graham Norton and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Invivo is focused on further expanding its community globally and digitally with regular NFT releases.

Co-founder Tim Lightbourne said the following on the subject;

“At Invivo, we were the first winery in the Southern Hemisphere to successfully stake crowdfunding in 2015, and we always aim to do things a little differently. We enjoy building the Invivo community and see our long-term NFT strategy as part of our business, we are building invaluable in the digital world and creating a dedicated community with the IFF (Invivo Friends Federation) to qualify for Invivo. We will come with many surprises in the coming years. We will continue to innovate in the wine world. ”


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